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About Us

Redline Motorworks was launched in early 2007. Our current focus is on parts for Audi and Volkswagen. Redline Motorworks is a company dedicated to providing its customers with the best selection of brand names in the automotive tuning industry at the lowest prices all while providing the greatest customer service.

Many companies offer amazing products with poor customer service, making transactions a hassle. At Redline Motorworks, neither is sacrificed for another. High quality products with huge selection joined with excellent customer service makes for a winning combination. Be sure to contact us at any time during your buying decision or even if you simply want advice. We are car enthusiasts too and are more than willing to help you!

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Our mission is to make every transaction effortless for the customer. We look forward to doing business with you and providing you with the parts to customize your car!

Please note, all products will ship out from the US!