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BSH 2.0T FSI PCV Revamp VW Mk5 GTI, GLI, Mk6 Golf R, Audi B7 A4, 8P A3



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The BSH PCV revamp takes care of the very commonly occurring PCV issues in tuned 2.0T FSI applications including the Mk5 GTI, Mk5 GLI, Mk6 Golf R, Audi B7 A4 and Audi 8P A3.

This PCV fix is proudly manufactured in the USA and is CNC machined for a precise fit.

Is your vehicle experiencing any of the following issues?

  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Rough idling
  • Loss of boost
  • Oil spewing from the oil cap

If so, the BSH PCV fix addresses all of these issues and gets your car running right again! 

Even if your car isn't experiencing these issues, the PCV fix is a great preventative piece to buy.

It does so by converting the system to a vacuum only based system. PCV functionality is retained and no emissions functions are affected with this modification.

This kit includes everything you need to install:

  • Billet valve cover plate
  • Billet PCV adapter
  • Billet manifold cap
  • O-rings
  • Retaining hardware

The BSH PCV Revamp can be installed in well under an hour.

Category: PCV Fixes

Type: Engine

Vendor: BSH

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