Clutch Masters VW Mk7 GTI 6 Speed FX500 Clutch - Lined Ceramic, Rigid Disc

200% increased holding capacity for your Mk7 GTI 6 speed.

Heavy duty pressure plate. Lined rigid ceramic disc. Rigid disc. Hydraulic slave cylinder sold separately.

The versatile FX500 System uses either the Power Plus I or Power Plus II Pressure Plate along with a solid center 6 or 8 Puck Ceramic Button disc. The FX500 disc is designed for outstanding holding capacity and rapid heat dissipation. The FX500 ceramic paddle design creates a quick and rapid engagement as well as clutch chatter that is not recommended for the street. *

Warning: The FX500 is a Solid Hub (rigid) disc that engages and disengages instantly. This is a Race Only clutch.

All stages come as a complete kit including disc, pressure plate,
throwout bearing, pilot bearing (when applicable), and alignment tool.
(Individual components available upon request)

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