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Forge Motorsport Replacement Vacuum Operated DV VW 2.0T FSI / TSI

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    We’re proud to announce another industry first for the Volkswagen and Audi tuning market from Forge Motorsport!

    For owners of VAG vehicle equipped with the all new 2.0T FSI engine that have the electronically controlled bypass valves, situated at the front of the engine (as shown in the photo below), we can now offer an alternative.

    If you are running increased boost pressures, after a software remap (chip), or the OEM valve is being subjected to high temperatures, the lifespan of the unit is significantly reduced.

    Even without any modifications taking place to the vehicle at all, this OEM valve has been shown to fail over time and it’s boost holding capacity also leaves some room for improvement. Our alternative is a fully engineered solution offering both significantly improved reliability as well as valve related boost response. Our valve and installation kit replaces the original unit with a pressure/vacuum operated piston valve that still also retains the desirable OEM ECU control over valve actuation. This product has been thoroughly designed and tested with the expressed intent of offering improved valve response and maintaining ECU control while resulting in absolutely NO fault codes, NO check engine lights, and no adverse effects of any kind. All of the necessary components and detailed instructions are included and everything is designed to make installation as simple as possible. 


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    Incredible value, worthy upgrade

    I've driven my TT for about 2 years. About 9 months in, I start feeling a slight loss in power that got worse in 3 months. Felt like a boost leak so I took it back to the dealer, but they couldn't find anything wrong. The service advisor said to me "You probably got used to the car, and if you need more power, just downshift twice and step on the gas". Bunch of BS.

    Replaced the DV, and in the next 2-3 days, I felt the same sensation when I first bought the car. The peak boost increased 5-6psi, but the real difference is the consistent/predictable power and acceleration during a pull. The acceleration that took 3200-3500 RPM can now be achieved with 2700-3000 RPM. As you can imagine, this translated into fuel savings as well. All in all, this is a great product if you're feeling power loss like I did.

    As for this kit, it pretty much comes with EVERYTHING you need (minus the tools to remove and mount the screws). The instructions were amazingly clear, and fitment was great!