Neuspeed 19x8 ET45 5x112 RSe14 Light Weight Wheel Silver

Neuspeed 19x8 ET45 5x112 Silver RSe14 Light Weight Wheel

The Neuspeed RSe14 is a light weight alloy wheel with unmatched quality, perfectly spec-ed for your car. With its design adapted from the European touring challenge cars and weighing just a mere 23 Lbs., the RSe14 will enhance your driving experience cosmetically as well as performance by reducing the rotational mass or unsprung weight.

* Size: 19x8.0
* Offset (E.T.): +45mm
* PCD (Bolt Pattern): 5-112
* Center Bore: 57.1mm
* Recommended Tire Size: 235/35R19


RSe wheels are OEM TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) compatible.

Every RSe wheel comes with 'RS' center cap. However, one can choose to utilize OEM Audi or VW center cap as well as mounting lug bolts, which are not included with the wheel.

Audi cap part #: 4B0 601 170 A
VW cap part #: 3B7 601 171

Price is for a set of 4.

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